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Agaw atensyon ngayon si Andre Paras dahil sa bagong babaeng nagpatibok ng kanyang puso

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There many moments in our life that we get to have a fair share of everything. Most of us already felt in love and most of us also already had the fair share of pain, happiness, and hardships. As we all know, love is one of the primary reasons why we are in this world. We are the result of our parent’s love and affection to each other. Actually, after we had the chance to open our eyes to view this world we already felt the love. In fact, one of the greatest things that we could ever feel is the love. Without love, our life cannot be complete.

When you didn’t feel love, you also can’t enjoy your life. There are many moments in our life that we always feel the love and we always feel that we are loved. And sometimes we fill that love was overwhelming within us so we will share it with other people. Some of us give the love to their parents because they are the first ones to makes us feel the love while some of us will give it to those people who are valuable to them.

However, it is essential to us that we tell how we feel about the other people around us. For celebrities, who are always in the spotlight and famous to many people. They can’t even secret a lot of things from the public because they were the focus of the eyes of the people. Even those private aspects of their lives are always in danger because it was always exposed online.

Even their love life can expose online. Through the images and videos that people upload on social media, in which it can easily expose to many people and it spread like a wildfire.

Just like what netizens saw on the picture of Andre Paras that he posted on his Instagram account. Netizens look like they can’t prevent themselves talking about the photo. His recent picture shows that Andre is too close to a lady that social media users believed that it was his new love interest. Andre Paras is a sone of the actress Jackie Foster and the son of the former basketball player and PBA Legend and actor Benjie Paras. And because it is already in Andre’s blood so it wasn’t that difficult for him to entered in the showbiz industry.

Recently, Andre has been circulating all over the social media after the netizens saw her recent uploaded picture on his Instagram account together with a gorgeous woman named Ashley Ortega who is on the same group as his. Andre and Ashley seem that they were close to each other that the social media users believed that Ashley is the one who did Andre’s heart leap.

Ashley Ortega is an actress, host, and a professional figure skater who newly competed in the Summer Skate 2018 in the Mall of Asia rink in which she got three gold medals. And it looks like Andre Paras was on her competition to support and watched her. The picture of the two shows that Andre is hugging Ashley on the back while they flubbed in front of the camera.

What can you say about the newest darling of Andre Paras? Do you admire her gorgeous and stunning body as well as her facial features? Kindly share and give your comments and reactions to us.

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