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Claudine Barretto naging agaw atensyon ngayon sa Social Media matapos kumalat ang kanyang mga Litrato na nagpapakita ng kanyang New Look

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Many people should consider a lot of things including our face, our body, and our health. But few of us have an unhealthy lifestyle and if we remain to live with this, there a lot of risks that could happen to us. Many of us sometimes forget to take care of our health because of the busy schedules that we have, which brings us the danger of getting an illness. It would be a lot tougher for us in the future if we do not change our ways now. Our lifestyle is the most important things of all things so we need to begin to change our ways now. In everything that we will do, we always need to consider our health. We need to ensure our eating habits that we have a proper balanced and diet.

We need to think the foods that are healthy with nutrients. such as fruits and veggies. And to make sure that we can do the things we wanted to do without breathing too much, we need to exercise a little to be fit. We have too little time to think about how much we had been abusing ourselves for a lof us who are busy with our lives. We get too busy with our work that we sometimes forget to eat much or eat healthy foods or even exercise even just a bit of our time.

Celebrities are the most people who had been really busy with their life. It would be difficult for them to think about their health because of their busy schedules. But there are still some celebrities who realized that they should really care for their health. Just like how the phenomenal star Claudine Barretto decide to take her way to a healthier life.

The actress had been circulating all over the social media when netizens noticed her extreme change after choosing to be healthy. We all know that Claudine is one of the most popular celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry. Because of her great acting skills, many people called her a veteran actress.

When she was paired up with her ex-boyfriend Rico Yan the actress become more popular. One of the greatest team in the industry was their on-screen team up. A lot of people wanted to see the chemistry that this two have on other people. But, Claudine already getting a name for herself even before they were paired. Netizens see that the actress had increasing weight after being married to Raymart Santiago.

They see that being a mother and a wife lead her to become busy in her life that she forgets to take care of herself. Netizens think that for her to be a good wife and mother to her family she forgot herself. Recently, Claudine was the trending topic on the social media after netizens saw her new Instagram post on her account showing her body after an exhaustive workout to take care of her body and herself. Her post is also to express her thanks and appreciation to the ones who were behind her gym clothes.

What do you think about this? Are you amazed at her stunning figure and gorgeous body? Kindly share and give your comments and opinions to us.

@pinksalmonclothing i luv your workout clothes! Lalo nakaka inspire mag workout

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